The issue has not been settled yet, at least in the minds of “well-meaning concerned people.” Manny Pacquiao is using steroid every time he steps into the ring is the accusation.

Is he or is he not?

Skeptics couldn’t believe how the Pacman was able to manage climbing the topmost summit of his “unbelievable” feats in boxing to this date without the aid of special “powers” from some unknown suspicious place or from certain mysterious voodoo thing.

We can’t blame the Mayweathers and Pretty Boy Floyd fanatics for accusing Pacquiao of resorting to steroid or any illegal drug to enhance his strength and capabilities whenever he fights, in the sense that it could just be the only logical and acceptable way explaining the “phenomenon” to them and to any doubting Thomasses among fight fans.

There ought to be a reason behind Pacquiao’s extraordinary abilities and “steroid” is just how the Mayweathers found it “reasonable” when it is only Pacquiao’s and one’s faith that can make it all plain and simple.

Manny Pacquiao promised to reveal his secret to power and success on his birthday. And true to his word, on December 17, 2009, the year he overpowered more bigger opponents and was named world’s Best Fighter by ESPY and the Boxing Writers Association of America, the Pacman announced during his birthday bash at the KCC Convention Center: “God is my secret weapon.”

Alas, the world was cold enough to brush the matter aside for it wasn’t much a news and interest in the international media and the internet at that time.

The pound-for-pound king made it public and it ought to have made it big in the sports headlines, at least, much bigger than when Money Floyd accuses him of using steroid. Pacquiao proclaimed: “God is my secret weapon. He assures me of power every time that’s why win or lose, I will pray at the corner to thank Him.” God told him he said: “Just trust Me, I will not leave you, I will not abandon you.”

Apparently the world didn’t care. The revelation was not taken seriously by most people and there were those who even dismissed Pacquiao for being a nut because for them it was all religious superstition that amounts to nothing but indignity and narrow mindedness considering the Pacman’s international stature.

However, for the minority of us who believed and continue to believe what he said, the Pacman is not a nut but a giant David towering over the Goliaths of the world and his revelation was major to us for it was the real big thing behind the issue while the truth nods in approval.

And as all of Heaven cry out, amen!