As the Major League Baseball trade deadline comes closer and closer, many of the newest stories are not even related to possible trades. Yet more steroid allegations arise, this time involving Big Papi and Manny Ramirez, who both are on the list of players who tested positive for banned substances back in ’03. Manny has recently rejoined the Dodgers after a positive drug test earlier this season, which resulted in a 50 game suspension. This is the same list that exposed A-Rod earlier this year. In my opinion, if this list of 104 MLB players was supposed to stay sealed, then why are so many players being exposed? Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and several others have also been exposed as being on the list, and linked to steroids. So why not just release the whole list if there are going to be more and more supposed “leaks” of names from the list? Is this sprinkling of random names from this list just being tossed around here and there as a ploy to keep MLB in the news with drama, I mean it has been proved that controversy draws attention, whether it be positive or negative. This leads me to ask a question that more than likely is being asked by several people… Has there ever been a “clean” World Series winning team? Do these new stories tarnish the amazing World Series runs of the Red Sox? How does the “Red Sox Nation” feel about these stories?

In other MLB news, this week the newest class of Hall of Farmer’s was inducted. The inductees included, Jim Rice and the all time stolen bases leader Rickey Henderson. I believe this year was Rickey’s first year of eligibility. Speaking of Hall of Fame, Hank Aaron was quoted this week as saying that he thinks that Pete Rose should be re-instated into the MLB, and thus make him eligible for the Hall of Fame. Commissioner Selig, has commented on this issue and has said that that he will not lift the lifetime ban that was handed to Rose for betting on baseball games while he was the manager of the Reds. So, I must ask, should the commissioner change his mind on Rose considering the recent steroid issues? To me, betting on games as a manager is one thing, but taking a steroid to enhance one’s performance is in my opinion is much worse. Its not like Rose would be a Hall of Famer based on his career as a manager, only his outstanding stats as a player would be considered. If it has been proved that Rose never gambled on baseball when he was playing, and as a manager he never bet on or against his own team, then he in no way shape or form altered the outcome of any games.

The MLB trade deadline is Friday at 4pm, there are many players who could be traded, but everyone is watching the Blue Jays to see if Roy Halladay will be dealt. The Jays said earlier this month that it will take a huge deal to get Halladay, several teams have shown interest but will anyone offer enough to sway the Jays front office. Other teams are making big news before the trade deadline, the Pirates and Phillies are just two of those teams. So far 51 players have changed teams since the All-Star break, and it seems like every team in the league has made a deal or two, with the exception of maybe the Mets. Fans can check for a list of all the trades that have taken place. It remains to be seen if any last minute deals will rock the MLB, but there are no doubt that there are still many trades to take place. These deals could possibly change the scope of the playoffs, and it seems like this year will be another exciting year of MLB playoffs.